How to Train your Yorkie to Listen and Obey your Commands

How to Train your Yorkie to Listen and Obey your Commands

Do you feel any difficulty in grabbing the attention of your Yorkshire Terrier dog? Do you feel that your Yorkie doesn’t listen to your commands and ignores you at times? Here is How to Obedience Train a Yorkie to Listen to your Commands effectively. 


When you become a dog parent to your Yorkshire Terrier, there comes a spate of responsibilities on your shoulder, which you are supposed to fulfill with all diligence and care.

Like toddlers, Yorkie puppies can also be stubborn in their behavior to lure your attention and cuddles. Because you love them, you choose to ignore his irresponsible attitude at times. 

However, sometimes it becomes really annoying when your Yorkie completely disobeys you and hardly reverts to your instructions or calls. 

Yorkshire Terriers are generally obedient, but they can become stubborn if they are not housebroken or housetrained properly. Here is how to properly Socialize and Crate train a Yorkshire Terrier dog

Your Yorkie might not be listening to your commands due to stress, he thinks he’s the leader of the pack or any medical condition that might be draining his energy to revert your commands and instructions. 

Are you in a dilemma on How to train your Yorkie to obey your commands and listen to you every time and at the same time not be harsh on him?

Let me assure you that you are at the right place. I am Daniela Carrera, a certified dog trainer, and a Yorkie parent, and in this article, I’ll share a few things that can help you get your Yorkie to learn to listen to your commands and obey them effectively.


Why do Yorkies Disobey or Ignore the Commands?

Yorkshire Terriers disobey your training commands due to many factors. However, this disobeying behavior is curable with proper care, training, medication, and strict observation with a follow-up.

Here are the 5 Common Reasons why Yorkies Disobey or Ignore your commands. 


1. Anxiety


how to get yorkies to listen to you


Anxiety is not evil to only humans, but it can also affect dogs like Yorkshire terriers. Stress and Anxiety are also there in dogs. 

These canines can experience emotional turmoil from an early age. Separation Anxiety can be one of the causes of your Yorkie’s disobedient behavior.

Some Yorkie puppies are scared of separation from their parents and being left alone at home. They will feel left out when you are not at home along with them.

You can sense your Yorkie’s stress and anxiety after you reach home. He will try to be by your side even when you are sweaty and may also follow you to the washroom.

To calm down his anxiety, you can try to talk to him softly, don’t force him to obey your basic commands, offer him his favorite treats and favorite toys, and shower him with love to create a sense of belongingness for him.


2. Medical Disturbances

It might also be the case that your Yorkie is suffering from a medical condition that is making him inactive and is causing him some kind of pain.

Generally, in adult Yorkies, Joint Pain and Arthritis are major health problems that cause pain. It is not rare in terrier breeds, like Yorkies.

If your Yorkie is not obeying you and is ignoring your commands, it might be due to a medical condition that is causing him pain and he’s unable to reflect your words with his actions. 


3. Age-Related Factors

Younger Yorkies are new to the worldly games. They are not very familiar with the human world and how to behave and respond. Therefore, age can also contribute to your Yorkie’s disobeying attitude.

Yorkies less than 12 weeks old are not technically the know-it-all of the basic commands and instructions. During the adolescence phase, Yorkie puppies are not really in the position to learn because of the rebellious attitude, but you can trigger his witty mind by providing him with Fun games that trigger’s his mind “Hidden Intelligence”. 

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Training a Yorkie becomes even more tricky after he reaches his adult stage as, during this time, his hormones start to show up. You can take your Yorkie to a non-noisy place with fewer distractions and make him learn to follow your training commands.

You can lure him with his favorite chews and toys. These commands make these canines home-friendly dogs. It also saves them from embarrassing moments from big bullies outside or in front of guests.


4. Distractions


why yorkies doesnt listen to you


Your Yorkie might not be listening to your commands because of the distractions available around him. Small Yorkie Puppies tend to get distracted more because everything in the world intrigues them and they wanna go explore it. 

The outside environment and new things around can distract your Yorkie’s attention when you call out his name or tell him or her to do something. The supposed distraction could be a morning prayer, a cleaner’s broom, traffic outside the house, a squirrel, or a bush.


5. Incomplete Training

If your Yorkie is stubborn and doesn’t listen to your commands, it can be due to his incomplete training or Lack of Socialization.

Adult Yorkies are generally better at obeying your commands because they have spent a year or more working on their training and behavior control.

However, it is a bit different with Yorkie puppies. Baby Yorkies are new to obedience training.

They need time to get along and get used to obeying your training commands and obedience training in general. It might require a few more months to get your Yorkie housetrained properly. 

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5 Tips to Get your Yorkie to Listen to Your Commands 

Your Yorkie might be confused, distracted, or unable to get along with your training commands. To correct this, you can do a few things that can ease up your Yorkie’s mind, and he will be more focused and diligent in obeying your training commands. 


1. Be Clear about what you’re Asking

Sometimes your Yorkie might be confused or isn’t able to reciprocate your commands because of an unclear instruction you are passing on to him.

For example, you are asking him to come to you, and at the same time, your Yorkie is nearby the garden tree with a leash on him. To make your Yorkie obey these basic commands, you need to be clear with your intentions.

Or, you can adopt a simple approach to make your Yorkshire Terrier obey you.


2. Lure and Praise


yorkie obedience training tips


For the first few phases of his training, you can teach your Yorkie some basic commands and make him obey them by luring him with his favorite toys, treat, or chews.

Your Yorkie might be more interested in chasing garden reptiles, insects, or squirrels. He may show laziness in learning new commands because it might feel boring to him.

To wipe out this boredom around Obedience Training, you can woo him with some chews, his favorite toys, or markedly available snacks that your Yorkie can have any time of the day and night. 


3. Fix the Problem

The next thing in the pouch for you to fix is other underlying distractions that have been troubling your Yorkie and get him to disobey you.

It might be the case that your Yorkie is not listening to your commands because of any external discomfort he is facing. Maybe, he has some kind of a past bad memory attached to the place where you both go to train and play.

It can also happen that the place is not clean or up to his comfort. He might be scared of any other dog that lives around that area.

So, being his friend, you need to find out the problem that’s playing with his mind and causing him to ignore your training commands. 

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4. Use Gestures

Dogs are mute creatures. They can listen to your heart but can’t process your words or the language you talk in with people around your house.

Your Yorkie is also new to the environment and is trying to learn step by step, which requires patience and time. Suppose, you ask your Yorkie to come near you in your local language, and he is still playing outside in the backyard.

It is not a sign of stubbornness, but it can be because of the lack of non-verbal cues he expects to receive. To make your Yorkie learn the basic commands and help him with the calls, try giving him some easy non-verbal cues or gestures like a wave or a clap to make him more alert and responsive the next time. 


5. Be Regular

The results won’t be satisfactory if you don’t practice these steps daily. It will become a looped strand if you don’t take it seriously, skip the process, and is irregular.

It is not mandatory to start the training with rigorous measures from the first day itself, but an easy way of signing in and then lifting the stress would be more effective for your Yorkie to learn these basic commands.

Make sure you are not being harsh on him and bringing in easy methods to make him understand the instructions, hold your patience and observe the progress.


How to Obedience Train your Yorkshire Terrier Dog?

Sometimes, it gets out of your hand to train your Yorkie and make him listen to you. He will act stubborn and bent-head if he is not in the mood to get into the training seat.

He will growl, snarl or even bite you and other members of your family. By the way, You must look to correct this behavior of excessive barking in your Yorkie

Your Yorkie may become aggressive and hot-headed more than before, which can cause inconvenience in the future.

Here are two methods that you can implement properly to Train your Yorkie to obey your commands and listen to you. 


1. Become the Pack Leader


how to obedience train your yorkie


Yorkies have a superiority complex and a territorial primacy. That is why they start to visualize themselves as the Pack Leader. They will get used to it and show negative connotations.

Inform your dog of the hierarchy, and let him know that you are the parent here and you have the upper hand or a caring hand. You can set some basic gatekeeping rules for the family, including your Yorkie.

Let him know you are the first to enter the house and exit from the door. Make sure you practice this step multiple times, and your Yorkie will get used to it.

You may also need to fix feeding rules because it is the first thing that comes to your Yorkie’s care list. You need not be harsh on his diet until he is sick and has some allergies. Here are the 12 Best Dog Foods for Yorkshire Terriers

Prepare a wholesome bowl of meal for him, serve him and call out his name to eat. Don’t let him sit with you at the dining table.

You can bring him a stool or a standing box where he can sit back, relax, and enjoy his meal. This gesture will signal him that you are the master, and masters eat first.

I know it sounds harsh, but whatever you will do will be in his best interest. For example- Don’t sit on the couch together. Buy a mini stool or a crate for him. Here are the 6 Best Dog crates for Yorkshire Terriers

Make him sit when you stand but yes, with all due love and care.


2. Social Separation 

This is a difficult step you can take as a parent. If you observe your Yorkie growling and biting out of irritation, and aggression, then according to vets, it’s better to isolate them on social parameters.

What it means is to place your Yorkie in a single room with doors closed. You can keep talking to him, let him understand your concern, and do small preparatory practices at your home daily. 

You can extend the duration of non-socialization only to an extent where your Yorkie senses the fishiness in your behavior. Let him understand that you are unsatisfied with his stubborn behavior and that he is supposed to change something for his good.

To start with, you can fix the time to 5 minutes and add on after every success. Also, try not to make any interaction, conversation, or eye contact with your puppy, and let him figure out the drift all by himself.


When can you Stop Giving Treats to your Yorkie?

In the beginning, your Yorkie can be a bit stiff with his mood and willingness to learn new things. I have already discussed the reasons causing your Yorkie to not listen to you.

It isn’t a bad idea to reward your Yorkie every time he performs well and listens to you, as it indirectly activates his will to bill your time and listen to you when you ask him to come.

However, it can get addictive if you don’t notice. I would advise you to stop rewarding your Yorkie frequently and impulsively only to grab his attention. You can reward him randomly and make it a part of his daily chores.

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6 Tips to Effectively Obedience Train your Yorkshire Terrier 

It might take a toll on you to make your Yorkie learn the basic commands with simple and easy steps. It takes time to make him feel confident and comfortable about whatever he is doing, learning and practicing.

Here are 6 tips that can aid you to assist your Yorkie in his journey of Obedience Training, and it will also save him from oops moments when you need him.


1. Choose a Name for Him and Stick to it

The first thing you should do is pick a name for your Yorkie. Use that name every time you give him commands.

Let him be familiar with his name and let it go deep into his mind that from now onwards, he will need to revert to his Mumma or Dadda when recalled by this name.

Make sure no one from your family and you use any other nickname or a specific sound to call your Yorkie lest he will get confused and he will be more non-responsive to your instructions and commands. 


2. Keep the Training Sessions short


tips to effectively obedience train your dog


It is no doubt that Yorkshire Terriers are highly energetic dogs in the small dog category. They can play non-stop and without any pause or a break.

They are up with a high stock of energy which helps them remain active in the daylight. However, it also becomes a con for Yorkies if they do not burn their extra energy.

The excess of unreleased energy can trigger your Yorkie’s performance and health. Since Yorkies are new to the class, they would require extra attention and more leisure time.

Make sure you do not force your Yorkie to stick to the rigorous routine until he is ready to push himself to tricky cues. The duration of the period should be short and precise for the initial phases of training and less exhausting. It will give enough time to your Yorkie to process the cues and commands he has learned before and revises them.

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3. Know your Yorkie’s Capacity

Not every Yorkie is the same. And not every canine is capable of absorbing the same thing at the same pace.

Generally, Yorkshire terriers are very clever. They possess a high aptitude and a sharp wit. These hounds love challenges and can anytime pick puzzles over naps.

However, the grasping capacity of your Yorkie can be different from that of your neighboring Yorkie or your friend’s Yorkie. It is of no shame that your Yorkie learns slowly, but you should take it positively that he is very good at grasping things concretely one at a time. Do not push and do not force, and let him start from the worse.


4. Set Basic Rules

When you become a new parent, make sure that you don’t create a mess. And everything is in order.

If you want to make things systematic and derive ways to adjust the abnormalities that may arise in the future, you can set some basic home rules for everyone present in the family. It will save you from making extra efforts that come in front due to a lack of pre-planning.

These rules should be Yorkie-centric. Perhaps you can prepare a chart of dos and don’t, which you and your family will have to adhere to when with your doggo. It should be evenly implementable by all.

For example– You don’t let your Yorkie eat with you at the dining table, but your sister does. It can confuse your Yorkie, and he will become less responsive to your verbal and non-verbal cues later in the days to come. And all your efforts will go in vain.


5. Let Him make Friends

In the first few days of your Yorkie’s Obedience Training, it is better to help him make dog friends outside in the neighborhood. Making new friends will develop his learning skills, and he will try to flaunt his skills which in turn help him to practice what he has learnt.

You can take your Yorkie to a park, at your friend’s place, or to a playground, where he can socialize with new dogs. You can also choose to take your Yorkie to the beach sometimes.

It will help him break the shyness and leverage his hard-learned socialization skills. Do not restrict his social space while he is under training.

However, you can limit his playtime outside later if he starts to bite or growl at kids in the playground because he is irritated and tired. Get to know if Yorkies are really good with kids or not? 


6. Technology-Driven Lessons

In most rare cases, you will have to use negative reinforcements or use technology to direct your Yorkie’s behavior to an acceptable way.

Your Yorkie is top-bent on not learning the commands and is refraining from showing up for the obedience training classes even after you have erased all the distractions that pull him back to participate in the training lessons.

You will need to use technology-driven tools to make him learn. Sound, light, or shock collars are some of the options to make your Yorkie obedient. The light and sound collars are effective and shock-free. It emits a sound and a light that alerts your Yorkie to respond to a call. 

Here’s my choice of the 10 best bark collars for Yorkshire Terriers.

However, shock collars are not highly acceptable to dog parents because it gives a mini-shock when your dog doesn’t listen to your calls. However, you can fix the extent of the shock if you plan to use a shock collar to make it a little more scary and dissatisfactory.

In the majority of the cases, pet professionals don’t suggest using shock collars because some Yorkies aren’t that susceptible to the shocks and may fear your presence which can sabotage your relationship with your furry friend.

Again, this is only for less than 1% of the cases and most of you may never need this.



Your Yorkie is an integral part of your family and holds significance in your little world. As a parent, you want to make things right for your Yorkie when he needs help.

Disobedience is not a Yorkie’s trait, to be honest. But, sometimes, external factors like distractions, age, pain, and confusion can bring him to this zone.

To wipe out these disturbing externalities, you need to be very patient and meticulous in your methods to make your Yorkie learn to revert to you when you need him. Give him sufficient time to absorb the skills he has learned and give him a chance to make you proud.

If you have anything that you would like to share with me, feel free to connect with me in the comments section. I would love to give your thoughts an honest look.

Bow-Bowye! 🙂

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