How much does a Yorkie Cost? Where to get Yorkies from?

How much does a Yorkie Cost? Where to get Yorkies from?

If you are looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy with AKC registration, the licensed breeder will charge around 1200$ to 1500$ for the puppy. The price of a Yorkie puppy varies as per its bloodline, family history, appearance, coat, health, and breeder. You may get a Yorkie puppy in the range of 300$ to 800$ if you get it from an Unlicensed breeder without papers. 


Yorkshire Terriers are a very popular breed of dogs and there are a lot of dog lovers who prefer to get this small dog breed. The mother dog in larger dog breeds gives birth to 10-12 puppies, but a mother Yorkie usually gives birth to only 1 to 4 puppies when she is pregnant.

I am Daniela Carrera, a proud Yorkie owner, and a professional dog trainer and in this article, I explore the prices at which Yorkies are being sold and on what factors does this price range varies. So, How much do Yorkies cost? You will get your answer in detail in this guide.

What’s the price of a Yorkie puppy? 

The price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy ranges greatly from 400$ to 8000$ or 10,000$. The is a huge price fluctuation and it’s because of various factors. The biggest factor is the history and bloodline of that puppy.

If the seller/breeder has more information about the parents and grandparents of the puppy, health history, and reports of the puppy and his parents, the more expensive the puppy would be. This is because the seller has invested money and made sure that every dog in that puppy’s generation was healthy.

The fact that the breeder can provide that information shows that the litter was bred carefully, responsibly in a healthy manner. The proof that the puppy and his bloodline are healthy makes a Yorkie puppy more expensive.

Where can you get Yorkie puppies from? 

Unlicensed Breeders and Certain Pet Shops 

yorkie cost from unlicensed breeder

There are dog breeders who do not get a breeder license from their state, and usually don’t have documents or papers of the pet dogs that they sell. These are mostly backyard breeders who know very little about a puppy’s family lineage and bloodline.

If you want to get a Yorkie puppy from an Unlicensed breeder, you can get it in the range of 400$ to 800$.

Most of the pet shops will sell these puppies in the range of 1000$-1200$ range because they have their own commissions which they earn from you. These pet shops get Yorkie puppies from these backyard breeders only.

The real problem with getting a Yorkie puppy from them is that there is no proof or guarantee that the puppy’s parents were healthy or didn’t have any kind of genetic problem.

Also, you won’t get any health report or card which will guarantee that your puppy’s health is fine and will remain fine for at least a couple of years.

With these Unlicensed breeders, there is always a risk involved. You may think that you are getting your Yorkie puppy at a significantly less price but you may have to spend a lot more on Vet bills later on in his/her life. 

Let me tell you that there are chances that you may find a perfectly healthy Yorkie puppy from these backyard breeders, but you may need to do a lot of research yourself.

You will have to ask a lot of questions from the breeder and even perform a DNA test on your Yorkie puppy. I recommend using Embark’s DNA test kit. If you find that the seller is unable to answer some of the questions or you have any other doubts, walk away from that puppy mill.

Licensed Breeders with AKC Registration papers

In order for a puppy to be considered a purebred, a recognized breed registry needs to approve of it. The most popular and well-known breed registry is American Kennel Club.

If you want a purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy with registered AKC papers, you would need to spend in the range of 1300$ to 3000$. 

The price is enhanced due to the fact that the Yorkie puppies will come along with proper health records, vaccinations, and a purebred guarantee. Along with this, the breeder will have all the information and documentation related to the puppy’s parents and its grandparent’s health and genetics.

If you are looking for a healthy Yorkie puppy, this is your best option. It doesn’t guarantee that your puppy will turn out to be healthy, but the probability of his well-being increases a lot. You can pay more upfront to avoid huge Vet bills later on in your life.

You would also need to pay an upfront cost to ‘hold’ a puppy. This cost can be somewhere around 300$ to 500$ and it would be non-refundable.

Some breeders even sell Yorkie puppies who belong to the best bloodline, which means, that their parents and grandparents were used for competitive dog shows. If you want a Yorkie puppy with that kind of history, you would need to shed out 3000$ to 10,00$ depending on a variety of factors like the puppy’s coat, size, color, health, hair, etc.

Licensed Breeders without Papers

yorkie price

If you are getting a Yorkie puppy from a Licensed Breeder even without documentation and papers, you would need to spend 800$ to 1500$.

Licensed breeders get a state license which means that the state recognizes that breeder as a dog breeder and allows him to do his business. The state officials conduct various tests, inspections to make sure that a particular breeder follows all the guidelines, and do not indulge in any unhealthy breeding practices.

This means that the probability of you getting a healthy Yorkie puppy is much more when you get one from a licensed breeder. But, I would still recommend you to be sure and ask as many questions related to the history of the puppy’s parents and grandparents from the breeder.

I would also recommend you to ask for testimonials from their past customers and look out for health reports and vaccinations for that puppy.


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How much do Teacup Yorkies cost?

Since Teacup Yorkies are small and cute, I have observed that many breeders sell them at expensive prices by labeling them as a “rare” breed. This is not true at all.

Teacup Yorkies are unhealthy dogs that are bred using Yorkies who are small or underage. This is a very unhealthy and awful breeding practice. Teacup Yorkies usually have a small lifespan of only 5 to 7 years and usually suffer from a range of health problems and diseases in their short life.

Therefore, you should avoid getting a Teacup Yorkie and if you really want one, pay less than the price of a Yorkie puppy.

Generally, breeders who try to trick the customers, sell these teacup Yorkies for 2000$ or more. If you want a Teacup Yorkie, try to get it at 500$ to 700$ range as anything above that would be called overvalued.

Again, you must be aware of the health risks involved with a “Teacup” Yorkie. How much do Teacup Yorkies grow at maximum? Get to know that in this post.


What Factors affect the price of a Yorkie puppy? 


what affects a Yorkie's price

This is the single biggest factor that affects the price of a Yorkie puppy.

If the puppy is purebred and the breeder has the documents to prove that, there is a high probability that the puppy would be of good health and the price would be more accordingly.

If the puppy’s parents and elder generations were healthy and didn’t have any genetic disorders, the chances of your Yorkie puppy suffering from any health disease in the future decreases a lot.

Also, purebred Yorkie puppies usually have attractive coats, colors, eyes, and hair.

There are some Yorkie puppies that are sold for even 8000$ to 10,000$ due to the fact that they belong to the elite champion bloodline which has been used for dog beauty shows.

A beautiful male is bred with a beautiful female to give birth to an even more beautiful puppy. Sometimes, breeders may need to fly one of the parent Yorkie from across the countries to specifically breed. Therefore, they demand that kind of a price for Yorkie puppies whose parents have won any kind of awards in the beauty or competitive dog shows.


Generally, female Yorkies cost more than males. Female Yorkies are more in demand due to breeding purposes.

You can also get a spay/neuter contract from the same breeder if you do not intend to use your puppy for breeding. If the male and female Yorkie belongs to the same litter, the difference in price can be around 200$ to 400$.

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As I stated above, the price of a Yorkie puppy depends a lot on the type of breeder as well. Yorkies are available with a variety of breeders ranging from backyard breeders to professional breeders who mostly breed puppies from elite champion bloodlines.

The more the information and documents a breeder has related to the puppy and his parents, the more the price of that puppy. This is because the probability of that Yorkie puppy turning into a healthy adult is quite high.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot find a healthy Yorkie puppy with an unlicensed breeder at a reasonable cost. If you research properly and ask the breeder to show the puppy’s parents to you, you can go ahead with it.

A Reputable breeder is someone who allows the customers to check the puppy, visit the puppy’s parents, and most specialize in one or two dog breeds. If the breeder doesn’t allow you to see the puppy or his parents before you pay, that’s a major red flag.


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A Yorkshire Terrier’s coat must be silky, smooth, glossy, and fine. They also have strands of hair instead of fur.

Anything other than this is not accepted as per AKC standards and would not be considered a purebred Yorkie. Therefore, you shall pay less for a puppy without a smooth and silky coat.


A puppy belonging to a litter of the healthiest of puppy parents can also have a defect. A responsible breeder will let you know about those defects and lower the price of that puppy accordingly.

So, if you find that a healthy-looking Yorkie is being sold at a lower than normal price, ask the breeder about his health reports, vaccinations, and his parent’s health reports as well. You can also check health reports of other puppies in that litter.

It’s better to be sure of your puppy’s health beforehand. Try to get a health guarantee for your puppy so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time and money later on at the Veterinary office.


Purebred Yorkies are of black and tan color at the time of birth. As they get older, their color matures to four Yorkie color combinations according to AKC: black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold.

Then, there are non-standard colors like Chocolate, Parti Yorkies, and White. Some breeders specially breed for these colors and this is not at all healthy. Any breeder who specifically breeds for the sake of anything else than the health of the puppy is compromising with the health and lifespan of that litter.

The prices of these puppies with non-standard colors should be lower and you should avoid them if you prioritize the health of the dog.

Want a Yorkie at a lower price? Get a Rescue or Adopt one

adopted yorkie price

As you can see, the price range of a Yorkie can be quite high, especially if you want a puppy with proper health guarantees in place.

Not everyone can shed out 3000$ for a healthy Yorkie. But, if you desire to get a Yorkie at your home and don’t want to spend a lot, you should adopt a rescue Yorkie dog.

You will not only save money but also do that kind soul a huge favor. You can help a homeless Yorkie get his home in just 100$ to 200$.


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What are the 5 Tips for Buying a Yorkie puppy? 

1. Proper Communication

Communicate with the breeder and ask as many questions as you can think of. Do your due diligence and research.

Is the breeder properly answering your questions or making any kind of excuses? Is he trying to divert your questions and attention? Try to take into account each and every detail.

Also, talk to past customers of that breeder and get to know the history of the breeder and how long he’s been doing this business. A reputable Yorkie breeder must be aware of AKC standards for the breed and you can also test him if he knows about it or not.

2. Research Thoroughly 

You must visit around 3 to 5 breeders and then decide which one seems trustworthy and genuine. Research and compare your options before breaking the deal.

Also, ask the breeder that you want to explore his place and look around for any red flags. Make sure that the puppies are kept in a safe and clean environment as it influences both their physical and mental well-being.

As per my experience, I can say that a reputable and genuine breeder won’t have many problems with you visiting their facilities and will also be able to answer your questions properly.

Be careful, as the Breeders are salespeople as well and they might be trying to close the sale when they are answering your questions by exaggerating their services and dogs.

3. Never buy from a puppy mill 

A puppy mill is a place that belongs to a company where they breed puppies on a large scale. They follow all kinds of unethical and harmful breeding practices and just care about their profits and revenue.

They provide terrible living conditions for both puppies and their parents. When you are looking to buy a Yorkie puppy, avoid visiting a puppy mill altogether.

These conditions are responsible for many puppies suffering from various diseases. Many puppies who are born in these mills get traumatized and scared for the rest of their lives.

They never carry any health tests and over breed dogs even if the parent is having any genetic problem or health disease.

These puppy mills supply puppies to pet shops which sell them at huge profits. When a customer goes to these pet shops, he thinks that he is paying $1500 for a healthy Yorkie puppy but in fact, these are puppies from puppy mills.

By buying a puppy from these pet shops and puppy mills, you are not only inviting highly expensive Veterinary bills for yourself in the future but also promoting inhumane breeding practices that are carried in these mills.

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4. Always visit the puppy before buying  

Once you have found a genuine breeder and selected a puppy to buy, be sure to visit him or her. I have observed that many owners skip this important step.

The puppy might be too small right now to take home, but you can always visit and observe how he interacts with other puppies of the litter. You can see how many puppies are there in the litter and which one he is closest to.

If you like some other puppy in that litter, you can always change your mind.

Paying a visit early on helps you to check if any puppy in that litter is suffering from any defects, health, or genetic problems. Also, make sure that your puppy gets all the health checkups done and gets all vaccinations like heartworm and parasite removal.

It’s always good to check the puppy and choose one yourself instead of relying on the breeder’s or any salesman’s words.

5. Physical Health check

While you will ask for various health reports and guarantees from your breeder, you must also perform a physical health check when you visit the breeder facility. A sick puppy will show visible signs of any defect or deficiency.

Look closely at his or her eyes, hair, ears, face, and coat color. He could have tired eyes, a sad face, or discoloration on his coat. Just observe closely.


You get what you pay for. Just like everything else in this world, this statement holds true even when you are out looking for a Yorkie puppy.

If someone is offering you a “healthy” Yorkie puppy for 200$ or 300$, you must ensure that he is really healthy and there’s not anything fishy. Also, when you are out there looking for your next companion, always get it from a breeder whom you trust or have heard good testimonials about.

Finally, get a health guarantee for the Yorkie puppy for at least a year.


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