How to Take Proper Care of your Yorkie Puppy?

How to Take Proper Care of your Yorkie Puppy?

So you have finally got a Yorkie puppy to your home and you are soo excited and content to hold him in your arms. You have a feeling of responsibility now and you really want to make sure that he or she gets the best nutrition and living conditions. You genuinely want to take the best care of your Yorkie puppy and that’s what this post is for.

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when you bring a new Yorkie puppy to your home. But Don’t you worry, I am here to provide you with all the knowledge and facts to take care of your new member of the family.

I am Daniela Carrera, a professional dog trainer, and a proud Yorkie owner and you can rest assured that I know what I speak and recommend.

How to Take Proper Care for your Yorkie Puppy? Here are the 6 ways

  1. Create a Safe defined space for your Yorkie puppy
  2. Provide your Yorkie with a Well-Balanced and Healthy Diet
  3. Properly Groom your Yorkie puppy
  4. Put in the Effort to Train your Yorkie
  5. Exercise and play games with your Yorkie
  6. Provide Certain Elements that Help in Yorkie Care


Create a Safe Defined Space for your Yorkie puppy 


Yorkie puppy care


First things first, you really need to set apart a corner for your puppy. There should be a set defined space. You cannot let a very young puppy roam around in the house, especially when he or she is new to the environment and people around.

Letting your young Yorkie puppy move freely around the house can result in him getting injured, potty training accidents, or someone stepping upon him. Make sure to Potty train your Yorkie before allowing your dog to roam freely.

Why should you create a separate space in the house for your Yorkie?  

It is important to create a defined space in your home for your Yorkie because:

  • It keeps your Yorkie’s stool and urine in one place, which makes it easier for the owner to clean it.
  • It’s much easier for you to supervise him and make sure he’s safe and okay.
  • It allows your Yorkie a personal space where he or she can rest in quiet when he feels scared by guests, or noise. or traffic outside.
  • Yorkie’s ancestors were born and brought up in Dens, therefore, Yorkies feel comfortable in a dark and quiet corner.
  • Your Yorkie puppy can find all his favorite toys around his reach.
  • Helps build a sense of discipline in him as your Yorkie sleeps, eats, and poops at the same place.

I have observed many people who do not like Crates for their Yorkies and that is understandable as well. If you have an extra room or a corner in the house that is not used very often, you can use it to set up your Yorkie’s bed and essentials.

I have personally got IRIS 24” Playpen with the Door and I would recommend that to you as well. This is a portable enclosed area with a door attached to it. You can also use this in your room or drawing room so that you can supervise your young Yorkie puppy as well.

If you have a Yorkie with more than average weight and know how to jump higher, you can also get IRIS 34” Playpen.

You can supply your dog with:

1. A Quality Dog Bed

Inside the Playpen, you need to place a quality dog bed for your Yorkie. I would recommend an orthopedic mattress that would provide comfort and will be suitable for your dog’s back and posture as well.

I would recommend Friends Forever’s Fur Bed. You need to get a bed that can be used even when your Yorkie has grown up in size, that’s why I use this one.

Learn How big will your Yorkies grow once he is an adult.

2. Stuff for Yorkie’s House Breaking  

Your Yorkie puppy will be housebreaking inside the playpen, therefore you would need essential items for that purpose. You can use an Indoor Potty Pad which would be best for both the dog and the owner to clean. Here’s a list of the Best Indoor Potty Pads.

I will recommend you to get a PETMAKER Artificial Grass puppy pad.

3. Chew Toys and Puzzle Toys 

It’s just a matter of time when your puppy will be exploring the playpen and your house and may stumble upon things that could harm or injure him. That is why you must pay attention to things like cleaners or human foods that may harm your puppy.

Your Yorkie puppy would need something for chewing when his teeth are growing and you need to provide him or her with something. This is where chew toys are essential.

Have some chew toys handy around your puppy’s play area and let him get distracted with them and not touch anything else inside the house. Here’s a collection of chew toys for a Yorkie puppy.

Moreover, you need to protect your puppy from boredom and need to engage him in both physical and mental training. These toys have a compartment for a Treat and your dog puts in more effort on his brain to solve puzzles in order to grab that treat.

If you want your Yorkie to get 10 times more Intelligent and Smart, try out Brain Training For Dogs.

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Provide your Yorkie with a Well-Balanced and Healthy Diet 


yorkie puppy care and diet


Good quality dog food is extremely important for any dog, especially during puppyhood. This determines his growth and also provides him with enough energy for exercise and training.

A well-balanced diet is required for a Yorkie but sadly, very few dog foods and dog food brands have the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the mental and physical growth of your Yorkie.

Dedicate some time to researching the best quality puppy food for your Yorkie puppy with a balanced ratio of protein, carbs, and fats. If you would ask me, I would tell you to try Hill’s Science Diet adult dog food and Halo Holistic Puppy chicken food. I have researched and these were the brands with the best ratio.

Here are some of the human food items that you could feed to your Yorkie.

Make sure to ask the breeder the dog food kind and brand that is being fed to him before you bring your Yorkie puppy home. Gradually transition from that brand to these brands that I recommended. This will prevent your Yorkie from catching any digestive issues and help him get acclimated to new dog food as well.


How often and how much to feed your Yorkie puppy?

You must feed 3 to 4 times per day to your Yorkie in very small quantities. Your puppy won’t eat much each time, therefore you would need to feed it multiple times on a consistent basis.

Your Yorkie puppy would need around 150- 175 calories a day. Therefore, you would need to feed accordingly.


Feed Treats to your Yorkie puppy 

I have seen a lot of dog owners who do not feed treats to their dogs ever since their puppyhood. This is not how you should raise a puppy.

Dogs love treats and you can use this fact to not only train them but also correct and get rid of the bad behaviors of your Yorkie puppy such as Excessive barking and Separation Anxiety.

Establish good habits during puppyhood itself by feeding treats to your dog regularly which makes him work hard to earn those.

However, make sure to feed the right amount of treats as your Yorkie needs just 160-175 calories a day and each treat contains a decent number of calories. You might be aware that all the common health problems in a Yorkshire Terrier are mainly due to obesity.

You can also choose to divide these treats into multiple small chunks and feed them to your dog during the training sessions.

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Properly Groom your Yorkie Puppy 

yorkie grooming and care

Again a very important aspect that decides how your Yorkie will look and what impression it forms on your friends and neighbor. Here are the key areas which fall under Yorkie Grooming.


Bathing your Yorkie 

You must bathe your Yorkie once every 3 weeks or so. If your Yorkie stays at home most of the time and looks clean to you, you can even increase this timespan. Just make sure not to over bathe your dog as it can make your Yorkie’s skin dry and itchy. Learn more on How often to bathe your Yorkie.

You might know that your Yorkie’s skin is very sensitive and that’s why you must use warm to lukewarm water only for his bathing purposes. I always test the water first on my forearms before showering the water on my dog.

Your Yorkshire Terrier dog will be nervous before you bathe him and may even cause some problems while bathing. Fill the sink or bathtub till the bottom of their belly. This way your dog won’t feel scared or feel like he is drowning. Also, the water won’t reach your Yorkie’s ears (make sure that water doesn’t enter your dog’s ears as it can cause various ear infections).

Moreover, you need to make sure that the bathing time is positive and fun. I use Aquapaw Slow Treater to distract my Yorkie during bathtime. Alternatively, you can feed your Yorkie with his favorite treats before and after bathtime.

Here are the 7 Best dog shampoos for your Yorkie dog.


Caring for Yorkie’s Hair

You might be aware of the fact that a Yorkie’s hair is different from other small dog breeds. Therefore, you need to show special care for their hair as well.

Try to brush your dog daily or at least once in two days. The sooner you start brushing your dog, the sooner he gets accustomed. The habit of showing patience while brushing and bathing can be inculcated in your Yorkie puppy, provided you start doing this stuff as soon as possible in his life.

Do you want to know what tools you need to properly take care of your Yorkie hair? Do you want to what more you can do to have smooth and silky hair? Then, check out this detailed guide on How to Properly take care of a Yorkie’s Hair.

Also, learn what makes a Yorkie shed his hair in Do Yorkies Shed Hair?



You can choose to cut your Yorkie’s nails once every 4 to 6 weeks as per his growth. You can choose to do this at home as well. Learn more on How to cut your Yorkie’s nails at home?



Yorkies are very prone to various dental problems. Most of the Yorkies have overcrowded gums and tiny jaws. This is the reason you would need to brush your Yorkie’s teeth daily. The sooner you start, the easier it gets for both you and your pet dog.

Here’s a detailed post on How to take care of your Yorkie’s teeth.

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Put in the Effort to Train your Yorkie  




Your Yorkie will need different kinds and forms of training at various stages in his life. I have elaborated on each and every Training in detail on my blog. But if you are willing to learn dog training from the world’s best dog trainer, you should check out The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. Here is my review of Doggy Dan’s course.

Moreover, if you want to make your Yorkie 10 Times Smarter and Intelligent, check out Brain Training For Dogs.

Now, let’s move on to various kinds of Yorkie Training and its Tips and techniques.

Potty Training a Yorkie 

You can begin potty training your Yorkie as soon as he enters your house, as that is a really important and mandatory training that every dog owner needs. However, a Yorkie puppy’s bladder gets strong and is able to control the pressure at around 12-14 weeks of age.

Some owners hate Crate training their Yorkies, while others advocate in favor of it. It’s up to you to decide if you want to keep your dog inside the crate for some time or want him to roam freely around the house or his playpen. I would recommend a playpen as I suggested above.

Also, decide if you want to potty train your Yorkie to go outside or on indoor potty pads, etc.

You should potty train a Yorkie using positive reinforcements only. So, always carry these healthy and tasty treats in your pockets. Along with that, you would need some more tools to smoothen the training process.

Here is some of that stuff:

Always maintain calmness and never yell or get irritated when your dog doesn’t potty at the desired spot. Any negative emotion from you triggers the dogs as much as a positive emotion and this can confuse your Yorkie.

Show positive reinforcements for the desired behavior instead of negative emotions for undesired behavior. Learn to stay patient and consistent at training your Yorkie.

Choose a schedule and Training method from the “How to Potty Train a Yorkie” post and stick to it for some time. If you try to get your Yorkie to poop at a particular place once or twice and you fail, you can’t give up. You need to be consistent and patient at every kind of Yorkie Training.

Behavioral Train your Yorkie 

As soon as the puppy enters your house, he or she should view you as the Pack Leader. Learn more about the Pack Leader here.

This means that you need to lead, train, feed, and protect your Yorkie. And if he doesn’t behave in the desired way, it’s your responsibility as the pack leader to make him behave and train him.

During his puppyhood, a puppy needs guidance on how to behave and how to act in the outside world. If you teach him the right manners and etiquette, that will set up the foundation for the rest of his life.

Stop Excessive Barking

Yorkies are known for barking too much if you do not learn to control them. This is their way to communicate things to you, but excessive barking is a Big No and you need to get rid of this bad behavior of your Yorkie.

If you Yorkie barks at a particular home appliance when it makes noise or constantly barks at any vehicle that speeds down the road beside your house, that is something that needs to be corrected as it comes under unnecessary barking.

This doesn’t mean that you start yelling or scolding your dog for doing that, as that’s again a display of negative emotions from you.

Here’s my detailed guide on How to Stop Excessive Barking in Yorkies.


Socializing your Yorkie 

The more time your Yorkie spends around other human beings and dogs, the more he learns to become a better citizen of society. He will learn how to act around different circumstances and people.

When your dog is young, that’s the best time to socialize your puppy. Lack of Socialization can expose your Yorkie to various kinds of behavioral problems like excessive barking, Unnceccesary jumping, and Separation Anxiety.

Just be careful that you start to take your puppy out around other dogs when is vaccinated and immunized properly. During the initial phase, you must avoid large gatherings and expose your small Yorkie to an adult dog belonging to a large dog breed like German Shepherds.

Initially, you can introduce your Yorkie to your friend and a friend’s healthy dog and give both of them time to befriend. Slowly, you can venture into dog parks.

Here’s a complete and detailed guide on How to Socialize your Yorkie properly.


Excessive Chewing 

Chewing is a very natural behavior in dogs. But when left unchecked, this behavior can really cause a lot of harm and problems for both you and your Yorkie puppy.

Dogs learn about the stuff in this world by two things, scent, and taste. Therefore, they love to chew things and see if they are suitable for them. If they are not controlled, they can chew every household item they can get access to.

You can handle the habit of chewing by getting some chew toys which are a great choice for a Yorkshire Terrier. Here are the ones I use: Nylabone Braided Bully, Hart chew’n clean, Nylabone Cheesburger.

Whenever you catch your Yorkie chewing an item that he is not supposed to, say “No” with a strict voice tone and then remove that item. Then, place one of his chew toys in that same place. If he starts chewing that toy for some time, reward this desired behavior with his favorite treats. This is called positive reinforcement training.


Separation Anxiety 

There would be times when you would need to go out for work or something else and it’s not really feasible for you to carry your dog along. In those cases, if you leave your Yorkie home alone for several hours, your Yorkie can get scared, irritated, or aggressive and may cause harm to himself or other items in the house.

This behavior is called separation anxiety. Learn how to get rid of Separation anxiety in Yorkies and If you can really leave your Yorkie home alone or not?

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Exercise and Play Games with your Yorkie 

how to take care of yorkie at home

Yorkies have a history of being rat chasers and that’s why they are very active dogs. If you do not use this energy and activeness in a useful way, your dog can use it to get various kinds of bad behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, or aggressiveness.

Make sure that you take your Yorkie out for walks twice a day and also play some games like puzzle games or mental stimulation games. If you want your Yorkie to live to his full life expectancy, you must inculcate a habit of walking and exercise in him.

Initially, your puppy might want to stay inside and may not want to go outside often. You would need to put in the effort and make sure he goes outside in the fresh air as that is not only essential for his socialization but also his physical and mental health.

You might also need to dedicate some time to train your Yorkie to walk on a leash properly. Let them sniff and explore the place but at the same time learn to take control in your hands and keep moving forward without pushing the leash much. Attach the leash to a harness and not directly on the neck.

You can also play games like tug-of-war and fetch the ball/frisbee once every two weeks or so. Moreover, if you want to Get your Yorkie to become 10 Times Smarter and Intelligent while playing brain and puzzle games, I would recommend Brain Training For Dogs. Here is the link to its review.

When you are planning to go out or travel, you can choose from the Best Carriers for Yorkies to take along.


Provide Certain Elements that Helps in Yorkie Care 

Protect your Yorkie from Flea, Ticks, and Worms

It is really important for the owner to protect the dog from skin infections and fleas, ticks, and worms. It is tricky to spot and then extract them. Therefore, you would need the help of some products and I would share what I use to combat these unwanted germs.

Heartworms are spread via mosquitoes. Therefore, you might need medication to prevent infection from these worms. Most heartworm medicines also work for other harmful worms like roundworms, hookworms, etc.

Advantage Multi is the best medication for Heartworms and has the least chances of any side effects.

For Fleas and Ticks, it depends on what medication you use for heartworms and to what extent these worms are present in your Yorkie’s skin. Even some heartworm medicines use fine to remove flea and tick.

Use only natural flea and tick repellent as I would never recommend you to use medications that have high chemical content in them. Dog Whisperer Natural Insect Repellent would be a great choice as it’s an organic balm that repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. Just take a small pea-sized amount and rub it between your palms and then rub it on your Yorkie’s back and neck.

Nose Protection 

Nose balms are used to prevent a Yorkie’s nose from drying up during the winters. Though, your Yorkie’s nose also needs protection from the Sun’s UV rays.

If you want to prevent the drying of the nose, you can apply balm once a week. But if your Yorkie’s nose has already dried up or cracked up, you must apply 3 times a day.

Snout Soother Nose Balm is a good choice that you must check out for this purpose.

Palm Protection 

A lot of owners neglect this crucial body part in a dog’s body but one must take care of his or her Yorkie’s paws. I personally use Musher’s secret dog paw wax once every two weeks to smoothen the surface of my Yorkie’s paws.

This balm can also be used to heal paws issues like drying and cracking.

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