What Should you Do If your Yorkie is Shivering or Shaking?

What Should you Do If your Yorkie is Shivering or Shaking?

Whenever a dog shakes or shivers, its owners tend to get shocked and start panicking immediately. And that’s a natural reaction from us as we really love our pet dogs, don’t we? Whenever a Yorkie shivers, its full body shakes for some seconds until the owner makes some kind of change to stop that.

But the question is, What should you do to stop your Yorkshire Terrier from Shaking?

If you want to stop the shivering, you need to know the exact reason behind the shivering or trembling of your Yorkie. In some cases, it’s really very easy to stop shivering by applying some changes, while in some cases you may even need to visit your Veterinary.

So, here are the 5 reasons Why your Yorkie might be Shivering.


stop yorkie shaking behavior

1. Low Body Temperature

In 65% of the cases of Yorkie Shivering, they are due to the fact that your Yorkie is not able to maintain his or her body temperature. He or she is feeling cold.

I have seen younger puppies below the age of 3 months and elder Yorkies shivering due to this reason. It is due to the fact that the blood circulation in their body is slower than in adult Yorkies.

But Why Do Yorkies Shake more often than other Dog Breeds? 

This is mainly because Yorkies have only a single coat on their body while most of the other dog breeds have double coats. Their coats are thick and dense undercoats while Yorkies have only a single coat which is unable to protect them during chilly or windy weather.

If you live in a place where there are freezing temperatures during the winter season, Yorkies can face trouble maintaining their body temperature.

Also, Yorkies contain hair on their body whereas most of the other dog breeds have fur on their coat. A strand of Fur is two times thicker than a strand of hair. The fact that other dogs have a double coat with fur on their body provides them insulation from the lower temperatures around them.

yorkie shaking due to low temperature

What are the Reasons for Low Body Temperature in your Yorkie? 

  • Freezing Days: There are days when the temperature is really low. Being a Dog Trainer for the last 7 years and a proud parent of a Yorkie myself,  I would recommend you to put a warm sweater on your Yorkshire Terrier when the temperature goes lower than 54 Fahrenheit or 12 degrees celsius. If your Yorkie goes out in the backyard to potty, you need to get an indoor potty pad and potty train your Yorkie to poop inside the home during the chilling weather.
  • After He or She takes a Bathe: When your Yorkie is done with bathing, he is wet and his body temperature is lower as well. Immediately wrap the towel around his body and scrunch his coat gently. Try and provide as much warmth to your dog using this towel.
  • Windy Days: There are days during the rainy and winter season when the wind can even lower your body temperature and send a “chilling thrill” down your spine. This happens even with human beings, so you can think what would small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers will feel like. Therefore, on days when the wind is really chilling, put some warm clothes on your Yorkie.


2. Feeling Scared of Something 

Yorkie puppies may get scared by anything. While some Yorkie puppies do get scared of meeting any new person, others might get scared when you pick them up in your arms.

I have personally seen Yorkie puppies tremble when they first go out to play in any park and watch a lot of people around them. Parti Yorkies, especially, tremble and shake a lot when they go visit outdoors.

As a Dog trainer myself, I have experienced that even younger Yorkies shake when they are left alone for hours in their homes due to Separation Anxiety. Learn how long you should leave a Yorkie home alone.

How to Stop Your Yorkshire Terrier from Shaking when He is Scared? 

  1. Try and Figure out what you did recently that might have caused shaking or trembling in your dog. Did you just meet a new person? Did you take him out for a walk? Is someone causing loud noise around in your neighborhood? Try to get to the root cause and change it.
  2. Secondly, make a list of what are the things or situations that makes your Yorkie shake or shiver. You will have to work on this and try to train your Yorkie to stop getting afraid of that. For example, if he fears a child making some noise, socialize your Yorkie with kids more often.
  3. Once your dog starts getting comfortable around the situation or person that causes the shaking, reward that good behavior with lots of treats.

It is important to figure out and try to stop your Yorkshire Terrier from getting Scared. Though Shaking from Fear will not really harm your Yorkie physically, but it can really undermine his self-confidence.

I have personally seen a lot of dog owners try to prevent that situation from happening which causes a dog to shake or tremble. For example, if their dogs get scared of kids around them, they limit the entry of children into their house. That’s a completely wrong approach.

You should work on helping your Yorkie get over his nervousness and fear from that particular situation by introducing him to it yourself in a controlled manner.

3. Extreme Pain 

Shaking due to extreme pain is easy to identify. This kind of trembling is usually accompanied by other signs such as loss of appetite, lack of movement in your Yorkie, moaning, lack of sleep, change in sleeping time, etc. Even if your Yorkie is not showing any of these additional signs, it could be that he is suffering from pain.

What should you do?

You probably don’t know the exact reason for this pain. Therefore, you should immediately consult your Veterinary so that he/she can find the reason behind the shaking.


4. Huge Drop in Blood Sugar Levels (Hypoglycemia)

hypoglycemia in Yorkies

Hypoglycemia is the rapid drop in blood sugar levels in your Yorkshire terrier and this could be really serious, especially for small puppies. In this situation, there is an imbalance in the blood sugar levels of your Yorkie which causes him to Shake and tremble for 5-10 minutes or even longer.

This is caused due to two factors. One is the change in the food habits and another reason is an increase in stress due to meeting too many new people and changing environments.

Usually, when a young puppy shift from a breeder to the owner, his food items and habits get changed. He might be eating raw homemade food or low-quality food and most of the owners feed branded dog food from the first day itself. A Yorkshire Terrier’s body and stomach find it hard to make a transition so quickly.

Another reason is increased stress in small Yorkie puppies. They get introduced to extremely new environments like a new owner, new family, home, etc. They are not used to meeting so many people and hence an increase in stress and fear causes a Yorkie puppy to shake due to lower blood sugar levels.

This is particularly common in miniature breeds like Parti Yorkies and Teacup Yorkies.

So, How should you move forward and introduce your puppy to a changed diet and changing environment? 

Socialization is a very important part of developing your puppy’s confidence and character. Nobody wants to have a scared dog. That is why, you should look to Socialize your Yorkie but move at a slower pace. First, introduce yourself, then the next member of your family, and then the kids.

A small young Yorkie puppy will feel some kind of difficulty in seeing so many new faces all on the first day itself.

When it comes to food and diet, the transition from the old diet to the new food items should take a month or so. Gradually introduce new dog food in his diet in smaller quantities first. Make gradual changes every 7 days.

When a Yorkie shakes and trembles due to Hypoglycemia, that shaking is quite similar to a Yorkie shaking due to cold. So, if you want to identify the exact reason, look out for additional signs such as weakness, lack of movement, dizziness, laziness, etc. If you do not pay attention, your dog can slip into a coma as well.

What to do if your Yorkie trembles due to Hypoglycemia 

  1. Apply Honey on your Yorkie’s gums. Honey is an ingredient that is proven to quickly increase the blog sugar levels in a toy breed’s body. Carry a pack of Honey with you if you go outdoors.
  2. As soon as you apply the honey, take your dog to your Veterinary immediately. You can wait 5 minutes to see how your Yorkie feels after you apply honey on his gums.


5. Overexcitement 

This happens only in rare situations. Sometimes, a Yorkie is so happy and excited that he starts shaking out of pure excitement and happiness.

Usually, this kind of shaking does not last long and can stop in itself. For example, you introduce a new toy to your Yorkie and he/she gets excited to play with it, and as soon as you start playing, his shaking stops.

Your Yorkie may even urinate in excessive excitement in some of these cases.


My Personal Experience with Yorkie Shivering 

I have decided to write this blog post regarding the trembling behavior of Yorkshire Terrier because I have experienced this same problem with my Yorkie. One fine sunny morning, my Yorkie started shaking and I had no clue what was the exact reason behind that.

I tried all the ways to calm my dog but failed. After a lot of thought, I figured out that it might be due to loud noise coming from neighboring apartments as someone was shifting their belongings. So, I took my Yorkie out for a walk in the park and he stopped shivering.


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