Should you Shave your Yorkie?

Should you Shave your Yorkie?

Yes, you should Shave your Yorkie but at the same time, you must know the right technique and have some practice to do this at home. 

Should you shave your Yorkie or not? This is indeed a big question. Well, to understand this, you need to know a few important things in order to get to a conclusion.

Remember that Yorkies don’t have furs, they do have hairs rather! Yorkies are known as the cutest dogs on the earth and it’s mostly because they have got dark eyes with hair all around their bodies.

This is when the “maintenance” comes into the picture. The hair of a Yorkshire terrier is quite similar to that of human hair. It is absolutely soft and fine but has got a high tendency to tangle easily. Learn the best way to take care of your Yorkie’s hair.

Besides, it may look dirty and dull quite easily. The best part is that it becomes easy for you to care for your Yorkie when it has short hair. A lot of times, the dog owners think that shaving your pup is going to be a really big issue, but that’s not the thing!

You can shave your Yorkie painlessly, all you need to know is to learn the right technique and start the procedure only when you have enough time in your hand.

How to Start with Shaving your Yorkie?

Before you start, make sure that you are combing the coat of your Yorkie appropriately. It is important to figure out in case your pup has got any sore on the body, or maybe, skin irritation.

In case you find any, take your Yorkie to the vet immediately. In case your dog’s fur is too long, ensure that you are cutting it up to at least an inch from the skin. You may use clippers while snipping.

Also, note that you are not forgetting the underbelly region, and keep around 1/2 inch of hair on the ears. Go ahead with the process, but make sure that you are taking pauses in between to reward your pup for its cooperation and good behavior. If you are facing a problem with shaving hair around the ear region, check out Yorkie’s Ear cleaning process.

You should shave the sides and the legs carefully, as well as, hand-cut the hair under the paws along with the fur on the rectum. See, it is not always a mandate to call up a pet grooming service provider to shave your Yorkie, but you can even do it yourself.

However, if you aren’t confident enough, you can seek professional assistance till the time you find it easy-going with your dog.


When should you consider shaving your Yorkie?

Although there is no fixed time of the year when you can shave your Yorkie, most pet groomers recommend doing so, particularly during the summer season. Since these dogs have hairs and not just ‘furs,’ getting rid of them during the warm months is rather more preferred.

All you need to ensure is the fact that you are careful enough while addressing the activity. Also, you must be extremely patient since you would obviously not want to end up hurting your cute little pup. Therefore, you must sort out the whole activity only with a lot of precision.

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Steps to Shave your Yorkie

Should you Shave your Yorkie

If you are still concerned about how to shave your Yorkie so that the entire process goes smooth and comfortable for both you as well as your Yorkie, here’s a guide for you.

Well, you would still need to note the fact that you will have to be really quick since the dog is not going to be still. Hope this guide helps you!

Step 1: At first, you ought to create a comfort zone for your dog. It is important to make your dog understand that they have got nothing to fear about! You may keep their favorite toys and treats within the reach of their hands. Creating a pleasant and calm surrounding will eventually make your job easy!

Step 2: Now, you need to show the clipper or the trimming machine to them. Allow them to sniff the object several times so that they become relaxed to use it. Note that it is usually advised to start the shaving process from the neck, and then you may gradually move towards your pup’s tail. In case you are finding it difficult to hold your Yorkie, prefer getting those professional leashes that are more likely to be used in the pet grooming salons. This will certainly make your task easier and simpler!

Step 3: Make sure that you are not missing out to take your Yorkie to a bath once you have done trimming.


P.S: If this is the very first time that you had an experience, and it wasn’t ‘great,’ you need not worry for it says, “practice makes a man perfect!”

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Can Shaving give a Negative Impact on your Yorkie?

Although most pet owners think, as well as, recommend shaving their Yorkies during the summer season, it may even pose a lot of negative impact on your pup.

So, be careful about that! Yeah, you got that right! Shaving can even put your dog into danger as the Yorkies usually tend to have gentle and sensitive skin, which happens to be more prone to different kinds of infections, making your dog vulnerable to skin irritation.

The hair in the Yorkie’s body tends to protect it from the skin issues that it might otherwise have to deal with! Shaving your Yorkie simply means that you are removing its natural protection, thereby increasing its tendency for sunstroke or dehydration.

Care tips to follow:

  • If you have recently shaved your Yorkie, do not take the pup to a beach or expose it to the sun for long hours. Bring them fresh drinking water at regular intervals, and try to keep your dog hydrated all the time.
  • Never think of shaving your Yorkie during the winter season. This is because the Yorkies are very sensitive to cold, and it’s the hair that keeps them warm. Hence, it will be an irresponsible thing if you are even thinking about shaving your pup during the winter.

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