Why does a Yorkie Throw up? How to Stop Yorkie Vomiting?

Whenever you first observe your Yorkie vomiting, you feel really scared and wonder what’s causing your Yorkie to vomit. You really want him to be healthy back again and that’s why you are here.

I am Daniela Carrera, a Yorkie owner, and professional dog trainer. I have experienced my Yorkie vomiting as well and let me tell you, I would never want to be in that situation again.

That is why I will share what you need to do if your Yorkie throws up and I will discuss the reasons why he is Vomiting.

When you first watch your Yorkie vomiting, you wonder why is your Yorkie throwing up?

One of the major reasons behind your Yorkie’s Vomiting is that his stomach is upset. The reasons behind his stomach getting upset could be bloating, food poisoning, etc. If you have any doubt regarding the reasons, take your Yorkie to a Vet immediately.

It’s important to know the reasons for your Yorkie throwing up as you cannot treat your dog without knowing the exact reason.

Why is your Yorkie Throwing up? Know the Exact Reason

It’s a very horrible experience to see your Yorkie throwing up and even more if you have a Teacup Yorkie, as they are prone to major health issues and have a hard time breathing as well.

The problem is that Vomiting is a symptom of a wide variety of problems and issues. Even some skin allergies and problems cause Vomiting in Yorkies.

If you carefully look at the Vomit itself, it will hold some clues as to what could be the reason behind your Yorkie’s Vomiting. Here is what the Vomit can contain:

1. Plain Liquid 

In this case, the Vomit will contain mostly plain water and saliva. This is caused due to irritation or any problem in the digestive system of your Yorkie. Nausea and Gastritis may also cause this sometimes.

2. Undigested Food 

If your dog consumed a meal and threw up sometime after eating, it means that the food cannot travel through the gut tract. This could happen when your Yorkie has tumors along the gut or there is something stuck in the esophagus. In this case, the vomit will mostly contain the latest meal your Yorkie took.

3. Foam

White Foam will be seen in the Vomit when your Yorkie has been vomiting for some time now. After long spells of Vomiting, there’s nothing else left in your Yorkie’s stomach and this white foam is just air and water. This is commonly seen when a Yorkie is suffering from Food poisoning etc.

4. Bile Vomit 

When your Yorkie is suffering from gastritis or any pancreatic problem, he will be Vomiting Yellow bile. Vomit contains uniform yellow color bile. In this case, a Yorkie has an empty stomach as well and there’s only Bile and mucus present inside his stomach.

What is Parvo Vomit? Why is it so Dangerous in Yorkies? 

Vomiting is also a symptom of one of the most dangerous infections in Yorkies called the Parvovirus infection. This virus is highly contagious and severely damages the digestive system of a Yorkshire Terrier. 

Parvovirus infection is spread orally and is most commonly found in contaminated food items and objects. Yorkies are more prone to suffering from the Parvovirus as they have a habit of eating everything and anything when they go outside.

So, how can you identify Parvovirus in your Yorkie dog?

This infection directly attacks the first layer of the digestive system which results in continuous vomiting and diarrhea. Fever may also get accompanied as the body tries to fight this infection.

When a Parvovirus infected Yorkie vomits, you will observe bloody vomit that has a dark brown to mustard yellow color. 

Moreover, the Parvovirus has other symptoms as well that you could identify. These are caused due to direct attack by the virus, immune system response, and fluid loss due to vomiting. These symptoms are:

  • Lethargy and Laziness
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Weight Loss
  • Dehydration with no mucus in nose and mouth

Should you take your Yorkie to the Vet if you spot these symptoms? 

Yes, if you notice your Yorkie vomiting with blood in it, you should definitely take him to the Vet. Even if the color of the Vomit is something else and you cannot make out what’s the reason behind Vomiting, you should consider visiting the Vet.


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Should you be Concerned when your Yorkie starts Throwing up? 

You should never press the panic button when your Yorkie vomits. Sometimes, Yorkies vomit as they eat too much or too fast and their gut cannot process the food at that speed.

However, there are some scenarios when your Yorkie needs immediate attention and these scenarios can not be ignored. These scenarios are:

1. When your Yorkie shakes along with Vomiting as well

This is due to the loss of essential fluids in the body when your Yorkie Vomits continuously. If not given the proper treatment immediately, your Yorkie can suffer from some serious problems and conditions. Therefore, when you notice your Yorkie shaking when vomiting, take him to a Vet immediately.

2. When there is blood in the Vomit

This is usually a very horrible situation to be a part of. When you spot blood in your Yorkie’s Vomit, it could be due to severe gastritis or the Paro virus infection. Whatever the case is, you should not wait and visit your Vet immediately with your Yorkie.

3. When there are other major symptoms present as well

If your Yorkie vomits due to overeating, it won’t be accompanied by other major symptoms. The other symptoms may be fever, shaking, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, excessive whining, etc.

If your Yorkie also shows any of these signs when Vomiting, you should take it more seriously.

How to Properly Treat my Yorkie’s Vomiting? 

So, the question is, what should you do if your Yorkie vomits?

Well, there are a lot of ways you can stop your Yorkie’s Vomiting or at least put him to comfort. But first, you need to look at the contents and color of the Vomit and analyze the reason behind your Yorkie’s Vomiting.

So, can you stop your Yorkie’s Vomiting using any home remedies? The answer is Yes and this is how you can do this.

1. Indigestion: Include Probiotics in your Yorkie’s diet

Zesty Paws Probiotics for Dogs is an amazing product to help your Yorkie never feel an upset stomach again. Yorkies are known for having a weak and delicate digestive system. Probiotics promote the growth of bacteria in the gut which helps in cleansing the digestive system which ensures that the system functions optimally.


2. Parvovirus Infection: Try Bullade

After the Parvovirus, Bullade will help settle your Yorkie’s stomach. Along with the medication, this is a relief supplement that will aid your Yorkie health.

Bullyade will help hydrate your Yorkie’s body and get back the lost electrolytes from the body.


3. Gastritis 

When your Yorkie vomits due to Gastritis, the easiest and the best way to help your Yorkie settle down his stomach is by keeping it hydrated. Vomiting takes a lot of water and electrolytes out of the body and dehydrates a Yorkie’s body. Therefore, plain and simple drinking water will do much more than anything else.

4. Check for any Food Allergy

If your Yorkie is showing any negative reaction to eating any food item, just stop feeding that food to him. Try feeding Grain-free food items and you can even try Homemade food for Yorkies that we, human beings, eat.


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How to Prevent your Yorkie from catching any Infection or Health problem which leads to Vomiting? 

A lot of these causes of Vomiting in Yorkies are preventable. If you want to prevent your Yorkie from Vomiting, here are some ways that can help you take care of these causes.

Feed High-Quality Dog Food to your Yorkie 

You might be aware of the fact that Yorkies have a very sensitive stomach. They really need to eat High-quality dog food items or else they are more prone to upset stomachs as compared to other smaller dog breeds.

That’s why I always use and recommend JustFoodForDogs DIY Dog Food for Yorkies.

Alternatively, I also use Blue Buffalo Delights Natural. This is an ideal food for any gut issues and food intolerances. Both of these food items are hypoallergenic food items.


Train your Yorkie Not to Eat Anything they find

Now this one can be tricky and may need you to put in some effort, but this is a really solid way to make your Yorkie self-dependent and intelligent. Some Yorkies have a horrible habit of eating their own poop as well. Learn how you can stop your Yorkie from eating his own poop.

Properly Potty Train your Yorkie and Maintain Hygiene 

It is really important to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness around your Yorkie. For this, It is very important to potty train a Yorkie and properly groom him as well.

Avoid any fecal contamination of things like your Yorkie’s toys, paws, bed, and crate.

A very good way to know if you are maintaining proper hygiene is to check whether your Yorkie stinks or not. Also, make sure to bathe your Yorkie at least once in 3 weeks. Here’s a list of Best Shampoos for Yorkshire Terriers that you can use to get rid of any foul smell in your Yorkie.

Vaccinate your Yorkie regularly 

Any infection-related vaccine must be given to your Yorkie during his or her puppyhood. This is important to prevent viruses like the Parvovirus infection from entering your Yorkie’s body. You should buy a Yorkie from a trusted breeder only who vaccinates all the puppies from the litter.

FAQ’s related to Yorkie Throwing Up 

Should I give my Yorkie water after he vomits? 

Yes, it is a good idea to keep your Yorkie hydrated and make up for lost fluids, water, and electrolytes in his digestive system. Just give him a cup of water to drink and let him drink it slowly. Do not make him drink too much water as well.

How to Identify a Blockage in Yorkies? 

The best way to know if your Yorkie has an intestinal blockage is by monitoring their bowel movements. Yorkies usually poop 3 to 4 times a day. If there is any reduction in this frequency or signs of any constipation in your Yorkie, there could be a blockage in the intestine.

If your Yorkie vomits after having a meal without showing any other signs or symptoms like Fever or lethargy, there could be a blockage as well.

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