Everything You Need To Know About Yorkshire Terrier’s Coat

Everything You Need To Know About Yorkshire Terrier’s Coat

Yorkies fall among the unique species of dogs and possess many unique traits. Out of all their unique characteristics, one is the coats they possess. Their coats are different and range from soft and silky coats to wavy and curly ones. 

If you own a Yorkie, then you must be already aware of the fact that taking care of their coats is quite a challenging job. Just like human hair, their coats continuously grow, and they become easily matted if they are not taken care of. 

Well, if you own a Yorkie or looking forward to getting one, and pondering over their coats, then do not worry!!

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This article will guide you through everything about the distinctive quality of Yorkshire Terrier’s coats and a few dog care tips. So, without any further ado, let’s roll.

Does A Yorkie Shed Coats?

No, you will not see a Yorkies shedding its coats regularly. A unique thing about their coat is that unlike other dog breeds, their coats are not furry. Instead, they resemble human hair and might lose them in a few strands like humans. 

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Types of Coats Yorkies Possess

types of coats in yorkies

Yorkies can be seen possessing different kinds of coats. Some of them can be seen as having smooth and silky coats, while others with wavy and woolly ones. 

Here is a list of the types of coats Yorkies have:

The Puppy Yorkie Coat: 

All the Yorkies are born with these coats, and these are usually thick, soft, and dark looking. These help in keeping the puppy warm during cold weather.

The coats of the Yorkie puppy are darker in colour, but as the puppy grows older, the dark colour starts to away, giving way to new adult coats.

The Silky Yorkie Coat:

Yorkies have two types of adult coats, the first one of which is the silky one. The silky coats are long, smooth, shiny, and glossy. The silky coats are desired by many, and Yorkies with these coats are often seen participating in dog competitions and shows. 

The Wavy Yorkie Coat:

The wavy coat is the second type of adult coat. These are also known as woolly or curly coats. Unlike the silky ones, these are dense, wavy, and look woolly. These do not grow long like the silky ones and shed more as compared to the silky coats. 

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Tips to Groom A Yorkie

Yorkie grooming tips

An essential part of a Yorkie’s routine is grooming. Regular grooming includes many benefits like clean and shiny coats, healthy skin, and reduced risk of disease and infection. Since Yorkies possess different types of coats, their grooming requires different methods and approaches. 

Tips to groom silky coats: Yorkies with silky coats have shiny, long, and straight hair. The grooming of a Yorkie usually involves dividing the hair in strips and then brushing the same. Brushing each strip separately ensures that the hair is brushed correctly. 

The brushing should preferably be done with the dog lying on the side of its body. This will ensure that brushing on each side is done correctly, and every strip is clean. 

Tips to groom wavy coats: As compared to the silky coats, the wavy coats give a dense and woolly look. These are likely to become dirty quicker and attract debris.

To brush these coats, one needs to have a small brush of good quality and then brush towards the growing hair gently. To remove the excess dirt or hidden debris, one must prefer using a long pinned comb or brush. 

Tips for brushing smoothly:

  • Avoid brushing a Yorkie’s coat when they are dry.
  • Avoid ripping through the hair and treat the knots gently.
  • Gently pick the strips and comb or brush the hair softly. 

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Tips to Bathe A Yorkie

It is advisable to bathe them after six weeks to keep a Yorkie look and feel fresh, attractive, and pleasing. It would be best if you keep in mind that the skin of Yorkies is sensitive and dry, so you should use a soft moisturizing shampoo along with the conditioner. 

Yorkie Hairstyle 

Styling a Yorkie is very easy because their coats consist of hair and not fur. There are many hairstyles available to style a Yorkie up. However, among all the hairstyles, there are a few which are very common and widespread, and they are as follows: 

The teddy bear hairstyle: This is the most popular hairstyle among Yorkies, and this is done by trimming the hair of a Yorkie to a shorter length. Yorkies with this hairstyle look like a puppy and throw off a cute and adorable look. 

The shave down coat hairstyle: It is another popular hairstyle among the Yorkies, and the dogs with this hairstyle only have half an inch of hair on their body. The hair of legs, tail, and head are left a little longer. This hairstyle is best suited to Yorkies during the hot and humid weather conditions. 

The show hairstyle: This hairstyle is only limited only to the Yorkies who possess silky coats, and in this one, the hair is not at all cut. A Yorkie with this hairstyle requires regular brushing and grooming to keep the hair shiny and smooth. This hairstyle is mainly for the Yorkies who participate in dog shows and competitions. 

Wrapping it Up 

Yorkies are very desirable because of their coats, but before you get yourself one, make sure that you are ready to take care of them by keeping them well-groomed. 

We love hearing for you, so if you already have a Yorkie at home and have some tips to share, feel free to write in the comment box below. 

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